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UZ Clinic was established in Antalya for the treatment of urological and sexual problems in 2017 by Niyazi Umut Özdemir. Our clinic applies the most current and scientific diagnosis and treatment methods to our patients with success and it has become one of the leading centers of our country in a short time. Dr. Özdemir, a urologist and certified sex therapist, addresses urological problems as a whole with both their organic and psychogenic basis and presents the optimal treatment methods for their patients. Dr. Özdemir is currently the chairman of CISED (Turkish Sexual Health Institute) Antalya Branch. For all kinds of urological health problems that you may encounter, our clinic firstly offers a detailed examination and if necessary, a number of laboratory and radiological tests can be carried out. Following a careful and diligent diagnosis process, we decide on the most appropriate method for our patients and proceed to the treatment phase. UZ Clinic has extensive diagnostic and treatment opportunities that can be applied on a one-day basis in accordance with office requirements. If required, we even offer psychotherapy and marital therapy support to our patients in company with a psychotherapist. In cases requiring anesthesia and surgery, we prefer private hospitals with which we have an agreement on health tourism. After treatment, our professional support to our patients continues until they fully recover.

   Our clinic works with an appointment system on weekdays between 09:00 - 18:00 o'clock and on Saturdays between 09:00-16: 00 o'clock. You can get detailed information about our diagnosis and treatment services by calling our medical director at +90 535 399 89 99 and you can get an appointment. UZ Clinic and Dr. Özdemir are always ready to help you with all possible urological health problems. We wish you a healthy and joyful day...

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