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Magellan® Cellular Therapy

(TruPRP C-Shot)

There has been a general stagnation in the treatment of erectile dysfunction since the advent of PDE5i drugs. These drugs with Sildenafil and Tadalafil as the active ingredients show effect in 70-80% of men with erectile dysfunction. When this group of drugs taken orally are not useful, some patients may also prefer self-administered needle treatments (self-injections into the penis) before each sexual intercourse in the second-line treatment.  In cases where the first- and second-line treatments are not effective, we recommend penile prosthesis surgeries to our patients as the last option. Apart from these treatments, there is yet no other method of treatment that has been put into clinical practice, has fully proven itself, and has taken place in the guidelines. However, many patients are quite distant from penile prosthesis and self-injection treatment options. Or, current health conditions of the patients pose a huge obstacle to the application of these treatments. Also, many patients dream of getting rid of oral drugs and injections in some way and having sex more naturally. For these reasons, restorative and regenerative treatment modalities to be applied to the penis have become very popular today. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (EDSWT) and penile PRP injections are the main regenerative treatment methods also applied in many clinics in our country and considered successful. It is clear that further randomized controlled clinical trials are needed on the efficacy of such treatments. Unfortunately, evidence-based medical science has a very slow course, and many of our patients do not have time to wait for stronger scientific evidence. These conditions lead physicians and patients to some practical and effective alternative treatment methods with minimal potential for side effects within the "translational medicine" approach. One of the latest of these treatment methods is the new generation personalized cellular therapies called MAGELLAN CELLULAR THERAPY.

“The Magellan®” is an American technology with international patent licence that separates and concentrates the stem cells, platelets, mononuclear cells in a blood or bone marrow aspiration sample with the help of optical sensors in a closed-circuit sterile system. The entire system and the kits used are fully FDA-approved. Its first treatment applications in orthopedic fields have also been approved by the FDA. In short, the Magellan is a scientifically proven technology. Today, its use in dermatology, plastic surgery, cardiology, gynecology and urology branches is rapidly becoming widespread, and scientific articles on its use in diseases have started to be published. The concentrate obtained from the blood with the Magellan is a product that is definitely too potent to compare with the classical tube PRP (platelet rich plasma). In its simplest form, 10-12 times more platelet cells per mL can be obtained from the plasma obtained by using quality and renowned tube PRP kits. Again, 4-14 times more growth factors (TGF-β, IGF-1, PDGF, VEGF) and anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL1, IL4, IL10, TNF) resulting from platelets and mononuclear white blood cells are obtained at the end of the separation procedure using the Magellan technology. More importantly, CD34 + hematopoietic stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells can also be separated from the blood using the Magellan technology. When all of them come together and this concentrated product is injected into the damaged tissue, a great cellular power is obtained that will enable the regeneration, rejuvenation and restoration of that area.


Three different products are obtained as a result of the separation of the cells in the blood taken from the patient with the Magellan technology.

  1. Waste product that consists of red blood cells and we do not use

  2. Concentrated product to be used for primary treatment, consisting of mononuclear white blood cells, platelets and stem cells

  3. Pale yellow plasma called PPP (Platelet poor plasma). Although this product is cellularly weak, it can contain as many platelets as those obtained with quality PRP kits. Therefore, it can be used in the treatment as an auxiliary product.


Magellan cellular therapy is an approach that can be applied in the treatment of mild and moderate erectile dysfunction that develop due to vascular causes. By its very nature, it does not benefit in the treatment of erectile dysfunction occurring due to psychogenic and hormonal causes. Apart from this, its use in severe dysfunction cases with very poor erection response despite the existing drugs used is also inappropriate because of the very low probability of success.


All stages of the Magellan cellular therapy method can be easily applied under office conditions. For this, 54 mL of blood sample is taken from the arm of our patient first. A separate sterile system is available for each patient in the Magellan TruPRP kit. A total of 60 mL of blood product, 54 mL of blood and 6 mL of citrate liquid, is collected into the syringe with the help of the apparatus included in this kit. Blood and other sterile apparatus are placed inside the Magellan device. At this point, it can be decided from the beginning how much mL (6 to 10 mL) concentrate is desired to be obtained depending on the region to be applied. And, the system is started automatically by pressing the button. All the blood in the syringe is drawn into the device first, the optical system scans the blood and begins to separate the cells. This separation procedure continues for a total of 17-18 minutes, and the part containing red blood cells that we will not use in the treatment is delivered to the same syringe again, while the concentrate containing mononuclear cells, hematopoietic stem cells and platelets is delivered to the other small syringe.

While the Magellan device separates the patient's blood, a cream containing local anesthetic as the active ingredient is applied to the penile skin of the patient so that he does not feel the pain of the needle. Then, 10 mL of concentrate taken from the Magellan device is divided into 4 equal parts among different syringes. Meanwhile, the penis and the entire genital area are cleaned with antiseptic solutions, and the area is closed with a sterile perforated drape, leaving the penis out. These concentrates are injected intracavernosally from 4 different points to the right and left of the penis with the help of a very fine needle. The whole procedure takes 30-40 minutes from start to finish. Since the injected content is obtained from the person's own blood, it is not considered as a drug; therefore, it does not have any side effects profile. After the procedure, the patients stand up immediately and continue their daily lives exactly where they left off. If the patient wishes, he can engage in sexual activity 8 hours after Magellan cellular therapy.

Magellan cellular therapy generally shows its effectiveness immediately, but the effect becomes evident and is noticed by the patient over a period of 3 weeks. In general, the expected positive effects are increased erection quality, prolonged erection time and increased sensitivity of the penis. If desired, clinical improvement can be documented in the form of symptom scoring and, objectively, arterial pressure increase by penile doppler ultrasonography.


FDA approved 

The Magellan


Official procedure


45 minutes

No pain,

numbing cream on the skin

Minor potential side effects

Stronger & Firmer


Increased sensitivity in the penis

Increased sexual desire and pleasure

Sexual activity the same day

Results occur 4 weeks after procedure


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